Relaxation Room

Dr. Stone recommends these easy tools for putting yourself in a centered and relaxed state.

First, slow and deep, diaphragmatic breathing (breathing through your nose, making your stomach, versus your chest, rise and fall), will produce a state of physical well being that tells your mind it is ok to relax. Second, mindfulness can be practiced at any time, and any place, by simply directing your non-judgmental awareness to whatever is happening in the present moment. Dr. Stone recommends listening to beautiful, relaxing music, which she has created especially for you! She has also provided a very restful and calming relaxation session that you can listen to at any time for relaxation and/or sleep.

These tools can all be used separately or together as a recipe for total relaxation. In fact, the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) specifically lists meditation and music as two important relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety and stress.


1) A spoken word relaxation session performed by Dr. Stone. Enjoy and please share your feedback!

Relaxation Recording ©2012 Dr. Heather Stone. <right click to SAVE>

2) All Songs copyright © 2011, Heather Stone and Jacques Pichon. All Rights Reserved.

  1. Echoes Dreaming
  2. Glowing Embers
  3. Pools of Treasure
  4. Celtic Sea

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Lower your blood pressure, your stress levels and gain a sense of peace and wellbeing. Bookmark this page and revisit anytime you need a moment, just for you.

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